Ethical Specimen Collection by Experts

Ethical Specimen Collection by Experts

Serologix is a global supplier of clinically-defined biologic patient material, which we procure from hospitals and laboratories under IRB guidance. In addition, we have almost a decade of experience in specimen collection and acquisition solutions. With our services, we aim to help the ever-growing biomedical industry. This way, we support and contribute to the advancement of medical research sectors.

Well Trained Professionals

At Serologix, we are a team of proficient and skilled analytical professionals. Everyone has years of experience in providing quality laboratory services. From smooth and fast sample collection to ensuring all guidelines, we make sure every step is followed correctly. With our services, we strive to provide quality material to help advance scientific research and development.

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality sample data that meets the needs of our clients and is ethical, accurate, safe, and independent.



We are committed to fulfilling our clients' needs for clinical sample collection and serologically defined, disease-state sera samples.

What Makes Us the Best

  • We perform sample procurement directly from clinical sites.
  • We are a one-source supplier of human and veterinary biologicals.
  • We have HIPPA compliant access to sample data.
  • We provide cost-effective access to clinically-defined biologicals.